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When artistic practice meets cultural discovery

Explore iN ARTS workshops, an original concept of creative workshops to learn, create, and practice inspired by and learning from Paris' unique cultural heritage and a real journey through the arts and culture

Creative workshops for all interests

Combining artistic practice with cultural discovery.

Discover history and culture through hands-on artistic activities

A wide variety of creative opportunities

Unite your teams around an artistic team building

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Packs and Memberships

Discover, learn and practice in the footsteps of great French artists.
Whether you are a beginner or advanced, the trainer adapts to your level. He makes sure throughout the workshop that everyone in the small group can achieve their goals, in a climate of exchange, inspiration, and conviviality.

A la carte

A 3 hours pack which allows you to participate in 1 creative workshop of your choice.


A 9 hours pack that allows you to participate in 3 creative workshops of your choice.

Access 10

A pack of 30 hours which allows you to participate in 10 creative workshops of your choice.

Access 20

A 60 hours pack that allows you to participate in 20 creative workshops of your choice.

Annual pack

A 90 hours pack that allows you to participate in 30 creative workshops of your choice.

VIP pack

Choose a private workshop, to benefit from a tailor-made workshop for small groups.

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What a pleasure for a cooking enthusiast like me to find myself in the kitchen and discover French recipes! In addition, I will have plenty of anecdotes on French gastronomy to tell my friends.

GianLuca B.

- Italie

Paris iN ARTS, Travel & Cook

The proposed route was wonderful, the advice of the trainer helped me a lot and I go home with a full sketchbook, I am very proud of the result !!!

Caroline B.

- France

Paris iN ARTS, Travel & Draw

I very much wanted to experience a writing workshop and Paris in ARTS allowed me to get started with techniques that gave me self-confidence while rediscovering a neighbor hood through an original literary walk.

Octavia M.

- Roumanie

Paris iN ARTS, Travel & Write

Partenaire de l'Alliance Française

Nous sommes partenaires de l'Alliance Française et partageons l'objectif commun de communiquer et sensibiliser le public, aux arts et à la culture française, à Paris, en région et de part le monde.

I hear and I forget,
I see and I remember,
I do and I understand.

- Confucius

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